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BACKGROUND INFORMATION BACKGROUND INFORMATION OVERVIEW: Independent & Sovereign Nation-State of Hawai`i Recent Chronology : Key Events in the Process of Self-Determination, Restoration, and Development of the Nation of Hawai`i, from the Apology to the Constitution, 1993 - 1995 Diagram: Legal Foundation of the Nation of Hawai`i What's New | Legal | Policy | Historical | Articles | Images | Support | Canoe Plants | Links | Contact Info | Guestbook Return to the Hawaiian Independence Home Page Read More
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Hawaiian Sovereignty by Poka Laenui and the Institute for the Advancement ofHawaiian Affairs

Institute for the Advancement Of Hawaiian Affairs 86-649 Puuhulu Road Waianae, HI 96792-2723 Tel: (808) 696-5157 Fax: (808) 696-7774 E-mail: [email protected] Television and Radio Shows The KUMULIPO , An Hawaiian Creation Myth Sponsored by Pacific Asia Council of Indigenous Peoples and Cyber Wave, Inc. Perspectives on Hawaiian Sovereignty Recent Events: What to do in Iraq Poka Laenui recognized as Outstanding Executive Outline for Career Planning for Young Scholars Federalism and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Community Economic Plan (October 20, 2001) Federal Recognition: The Akaka/OHA Process - What it is; what it is not; and what it needs (August 4, 2003) Apology by U.S.: U.S. Apology within a civil rights framework Revisiting Statehood & Sovereignty: Dialogue: Statehood & Sovereignty Read More
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Kingdom of Hawai`i

UA MAU KE EA O KA AINA I KA PONO “The Sovereignty of the Land is Always Righteous” Kingdom of Hawai`i — Reinstatement and Recognition To Position Papers Article 41-as amended August 21, 1998 Public Notices from "Privy Council" of the Kingdom of Hawai`i Comments to US Civil Rights Commission of Hawaiian Rights Comments to Reconciliation Hearings - December 11, 1999 Comments to Akaka Hearings - S 2899 - August 31, 2000 MISUNDERSTOOD & MISUSED WORDS IN THE HAWAIIAN ISSUES T HE G REAT 1864 VS. 1887 C ONSTITUTION D EBATE Treaties with the Hawaiian Islands Hawaiian Related Documents to 1893 Hawaiian Documents 1894 - To Present New Release ANNEXATION HAWAII by Thomas J. Osborne TO STEAL A KINGDOM by Michael Dougherty Common Law and Historical Documents GO TO INDEX Order of Kameh Read More
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