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Museums & Historic Sites

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GodWeb brings you the best of Christianity and other world religion online all the time.

Bible | Movies | Books | People | Hot Topics | Holidays | Humor | Gallery | Sanctuary | Sermons | Prayer | Quizzes | Communities | God | FAQ | Links Web GodWeb Welcome! Let There Be Light! (Enter Here) Bringing Christianity and other World Religions Online All the Time Formerly The First Church of Cyberspace, this site has gone through several phases. Starting in 1994 I set it up as the first congregation to be organized entirely on the Internet. More recently, I've reconfigured it as a blog with the realization that God cannot be contained within any church, whether it is located on the corner of Main and Elm, or here in cyberspace. God is present in church, of course, but also right here on the Internet. Not only is God found on the Web, God is the Web: the web of connections that ties a Read More
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